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Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged is something employers should not take lightly. Make your employees feel like their opinions matter, allow them a monthly time to present concerns or new ideas to their area of business. Take a moment and say thank you and it can make the difference between an employee who cares and one who doesn’t.

Leadership Development

Does your company focus on growing its next leaders internally? Are employees encouraged to attend seminars or conferences that help their development? Giving time off for professional development is a great way to develop your company’s next leaders.

Five Tips for happier employees

1. Be gracious and appreciative. Thank you and please go a long way
2. Listen to what is being said whether you agree or not. People just want to be heard.
3. Show interest in their growth. Give them opportunities to shine and spread the love, don’t give all the opportunities to the same person constantly.
4. Take ten minutes out your day to walk around or just have a cup of coffee with an employee to see how they are doing. This shows you are approachable.
5. Goal setting. Know what goals your employees have and help them develop a plan (whether with you or send them to HR) to achieve them.

Accountability Partners

Who holds you accountable for what you say you are going to do? Having the right support system in place is crucial to your career. Who is on your team?


Make sure to have an updated style and format for your resume. An objective is very outdated, having a task oriented and not results oriented resume will not get you very far either. Avoid pitfalls and make sure your resume will get notices

From tips, to templates for creating an action plan we offer resources to assist in your career development. They will change and be updated on an on going basis.

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